If you are looking for contract work as a drone pilot or have questions about how to find a contract drone pilot or UAV pilot in Barrow, AK you have come to the right place. This new industry is exploding with opportunity and Dronejobz.com is here to help you connect to meet your needs. Currently the FAA is working to regulate unmanned vehicle for hire and so it is very important that those trying to offer services and those that pay for those services comply with all current rules and regulations. Be ready for the coming approval and prepare your business by training to be a drone pilot to offer services in your area when the FAA approves. It is also important that someone flying a drone stay clear of large sporting events, outdoor gatherings, and airports in Barrow, AK. There are about 1 airports in Barrow to be aware of. Please be careful not to fly drones near Wiley Post-will Rogers Memorial.

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Are you a Real Estate Agent looking for UAV Drone contractors for photos and video?

The FAA has approved only 5500 333 exempt companies and now less than 10,000 part 107 UAV Remote Commercial Pilots to currently use UAV's for commercial photography of real estate and getting them to film in Barrow, AK may be a challenge. Using Drones to film houses and property is currently not approved for any others. The FAA has approved only those drone pilots that have a pilot license to operate UAV's and Drones for hire and with strict restrictions such as 400 feet and 5 miles from airports. Very soon we will begin offering a service for real estate agent photos with drones / UAV in Barrow, AK. icon icon

Drone Restrictions Near Barrow, AK Airport General Information (More restrictions may apply)

  • Military ops: 50 /yr
  • General Aviation: 1500 /yr
  • General Aviation (Local Traffic): 3000 /yr
  • Single Engine Based: 3
  • Multi-Engine Based: 1
  • Jets Based: 1
  • Helicopters Based: 3
  • Commercial Airplane Flights: 1460 /yr
  • Commuter Airplanes Flights: 0 /yr
  • Charter Planes Flights: 6000 /yr

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This map is only for reference and not for actual use to comply with UAV restrictions from active airports.

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